Storefront UI

The first Vue.js UI library dedicated to eCommerce

#4 Product of the DayJune 06, 2019
While most component libraries provide a great experience out of the box, they fail when it comes to heavy customization and performance. Our goal with Storefront UI was to overcome this problem and create a Vue.js based library that looks great
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We are building Storefront UI based on the following 5 fundamentals: - Performance: You’re importing ONLY what you need, and in a raw format which means you can benefit from all build-time optimizations like tree shaking or grouping common chunks. - Customization: Along with standard prop-based customization, every component has a set of props that let you replace any part of it with your own images, icons or even custom HTML markup. In addition, every component is divided into separate HTML, CSS and JS files so you can compose your own components from only Storefront UI partials. - Best practices: Storefront UI components follow best practices in terms of design and core. Every component is based on the Google Retail UX Playbook and is accessibility-friendly. - E-commerce: As a UI library dedicated to eCommerce, Storefront UI has all the elements necessary for building modern online stores. - Open Source: Storefront UI is a community effort to deliver the best possible experience to modern web applications and e-commerce shops, with carefully crafted components following best practices. Our team consists of agencies and volunteer contributors from all over the world. Storefront UI is based on atomic design which means every component is built from tiny atoms that you can use in your application! You’re not limited to big UI components anymore. Use Storefront UI atoms to quickly build your own, great-looking components! Storefront UI is currently in alpha with plans to release the stable beta in July. Join the amazing team of Vue.js experts from all over the world and reshape the way we build component libraries together! Let’s make a components library that can finally be customized exactly the way we want.
@tomik99 This looks fantastic! Gonna give it a try when I get home. I was wondering, do you HAVE to use Storefront? How does it work if you don't use it?

We are using it in combination with their awesome Vue Storefront solution for our PWA's.


Great extensibility


Needs more contributors ;)

Pro: Totally customizable A11y compliance Open source!! 😊 Cons: Need more contributors Love the fact that it’s open source and care about performance, which is important for eCommerce website. Great jobs everyone!
@mayashavin that's right with the "cons" :)
Is Storefront UI only for eCommerce or can I build with it a usual website?
@magda_szuster It is not limited to the eCommerce sites. Dedication in here, means that it has additional components that are useful in online store but there are also (and will be much more) components that you could use on any website

We are integrating it with Magento and are very pleased with it.


Really good documentation and support team


The more features - the better.