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Like a podcast app, but for newsletters 💌


Stoop helps you discover, subscribe, and consume great content all in one place. Get those newsletters out of your inbox and onto your Stoop.

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designer of the future 🦄✨

Stoop is exactly what I've been waiting for. This is the (my) future of news briefings.


Easily aggregates newsletters & recommends new ones. I love how easy it is to subscribe to new ones! The autofill email feature 👌🏾


Onboarding could be better.

podcast person

email newsletters are my primary way to get news. however they clog up my inbox and bother me. this changes everything.


Honestly obsessed. This is the product I didn't know I needed.


I didn't have it sooner.

I was dreaming about a produc that can do exactly like this and now it is here. I would love to see the web version of this.


A dedicate place for all my following newsletter, a masked email address for the ones that I will annoying and cannot unsubcribe.


Sometimes I don’t like how the app say “Cannot connect” when refreshing new emails :(

Marketing Guy at Strong

Any plans to launch a web version? Because that would be killer.


Amazing app. A product that make you think "Of course! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier?". Props to the team!


Newsletter's original "Subscribe" banner still pop-up even if you already subscribed via Stoop.

I have come to rely on Stoop for all of my newsletters. Love the ability to easily unsubscribe. I wish there were a support or help blog for issues.