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This looks like a great competitor to Geeklist. Just keep it focused on developers and not so eager to target recruiters (as tempting as that is). Code playgrounds, demos and other things could really help developers showcase the work they are most proud of. Then when you finally want to attract recruiters, it would be immensely compelling to see their abilities at a glance. Can't wait to see this evolve. Nice work.
@drew23 Thanks for the kind words. For now we are focussing on developers only. If things go really well we'll focus on other segments. But the priority is to give developers the power of customization. We would like to know if there's any feature that we're missing(there's a lot as of now though) and you want it to be there. :)
This feels and looks more like a github profile page that looks nice. I think it would be best to be more customizable and less github focused if it were to be an actual portfolio website!
@theforthwall Hello Shubam, This is Naren co-founder of Stockroom. Thanks for your feedback. We have built this product over a weekend. So the features are limited as of now. But you'll be to customize your profile soon. We are working on adding many other cool features too. Stay tuned :)
@theforthwall Yes, we are actually working on it, to give more power to users in the sense of customization. Plus, we will add few more features as gist-to-blog, top developers of the day and some insight tools so that it will be more useful to the users.
@naren_krishna well done and love the design!
I really like the idea and it looks well executed. Good job @naren_krishna
Simple, clean and a good idea. Keep it up
@traviswerbelow Thank you for the appreciation :)
Geeklist, Coderwall, GitHub itself...