Stockmagic for Mac

Find beautiful free stock photos on your desktop

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William Channer
@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
Happy to share another project with you all. In a nutshell, we wanted to make it easy for you find stock photos, so we came up with this :)
Hoang Nguyen Vi Cam
@hnvcam · Founder of idealweek.net
I don't see the big advantage over the traditional web access, it has smaller preview anyway. Is it possible to get from other sources, even it's powered by pixabay?
carlos garcia
@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
https://everypixel.com/ Would be nice as is searches all images... Also option for bigger images, on a high res monitor the images are no bigger than icons. Good version 1.0 though thanks.
Omer Molad
@omermolad · Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
I downloaded it. Will give it a try.
Joe Kaz
Downloaded this. Nice concept but disappointed to see you cannot simply click an image to set it as a desktop image. Instead you have to save to a folder then do the usual right click > services > set as desktop. In addition there is no way to filter by resolution. The first 5 images I attempted to set were fuzzy as hell on my 4k monitor. Nice concept … See more