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#3 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2014
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Many thanks to everyone for the votes and the feedback. We built Stockflare because we believe that anyone can be good at picking stocks, but there was a real lack of easy to use tools. We like to think of ourselves as the anti-Bloomberg. We are 100% free and strip everything back to what really counts. No noise, just great visualization of the data that counts. A product that is intuitive, accessible to everyone, especially novice investors. Thanks for all the suggestions. Really appreciate the help.
Certainly looks better than Yahoo Finance. But how do you calculate a forecast? Feels kinda tricky. :)
@ppkorevaar how do you mean calculate a forecast? seemed super simple to me. like it rates a stock 5/5 for example; then tells you a projected return etc
Hi @ppkorevaar thanks for the comparison to Y! Finance. Want to be easier than them Google Finance, CNBC etc. When it comes to our 5-star rating we give 3 stars for the quality of the business (profitable, high growth, pays dividends) 1 star for the valuation (is it cheap on PE) and 1 star for positive sentiment (is Wall Street a Buyer, with a positive price target). This is just how we look at stocks, so anyone can filter the 40,000 stocks as they wish to screen for ideas they like. On the Price target & recommendation, that is the Wall Street consensus. On the "what's it worth long term" this is purely a mean-reversion calculation. Stocks on 400x PE trend back to average within 7 years. Please DM me or email me for more details.
@_jacksmith many thanks for the post. And yeah, you are 100% spot on.
@shaneleonard121 Thanks for the reply! I've been browsing around and it looks great. :)
@ppkorevaar thanks a mil for the feedback and please let us know what you'd like us to add! Or if you spot any issues. Really appreciate the help.
Pretty cool! Would be really curious to see the performance of Stockflare's "top picks" vs. the S&P over a few years
Hi @mikesholiu we are just launched, so it'll be a few years before we can show if our 5 star stocks out perform over the long-term. Sorry :( Though the calculation is just the way we like to pick stocks. The goal of Stockflare is to let anyone pick stocks easily themselves based on what ever criteria you like. For example "Growth investors" won't like our 5-stars. Dividends are one of the stars. So Google, GoPro, Tesla, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc wouldn't ever get 5-stars. Doesn't mean they are bad investments. Thanks for the feedback.
Great product. Came across this while searching around. I actually developed my own app called StockSwipe targeted towards simplifying the discovery of stocks. Its Tinder for stocks :)