Programming challenges for programmers of all levels

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I think this is really cool. πŸ˜€A game that you can solve by programming. The first levels start off easier (solvable in a few minutes) and progressively get harder (weekend projects). The goal is to be a better filter for developer hiring. If pass challenges = competent developer. I'll try some out πŸ˜€ I'm curious if code style / readability is possible to evaluate through it as well.
@mscccc Yes exactly. Pretty cool. I'm trying to work this out in Swift now. Will post the git ;)! Wonder what others think
@prokotasic The documentation is IMPRESSIVE. Also, I love how it's API based. I feel like understanding & working with an api/sending requests is a good starting bar for devs. If using this for hiring that will filter plenty out.
@mscccc Yes and the levels are demanding. Starting from simple executing trades to being a market maker (whatever that means). What level are you on btw?
@prokotasic Please share the gist when it's ready I'll be very interesting to code in Swift in the platform
@vkt0r @mscccc Yeah, need to figure it out. Going to dedicate some time to this this week. Let me know if you do it before me.
Hey @patio11 can you give us a little background, thoughts, comments, etc., on StockFighter? Would be cool to get your perspective on things
Sure -- anything in particular you'd like to hear about? We were inspired to build this by my cofounders' experiences at their last job, where hiring sufficient candidates using The Usual Process was virtually impossible. Then they created a game ( and it blew up, solving the problem of identifying sufficient number of talented candidates and letting them concentrate on running their recruiting efficiently. Google "The Hiring Post" for more detail about that. So Stockfighter is our first attempt to do this at scale: Step 1, make a ridiculously fun programming game. This is the entire product from the perspective of 95% of our users at any given time, since they don't need a job. Step 2: Use peoples' performance on the game to identify a few very promising engineers, and get in touch with them about job opportunities. If appropriate, introduce them to our candidates who are looking for people who can e.g. figure out why an API backed by a distributed system fell over. (I swear that was planned, guys! And in no way related to the fact we've got people banging us with about 1.5k orders a second at the moment.)
This is exciting! I can't wait to play during my winter break. πŸ˜„ I like the idea that all skill levels can play. How are you making sure that all skill levels can learn and improve?