Stipop 2.0 is now available on Product hunt!


Stipop 2.0 is now available!

Stipop lets you use unlimited stickers on WhatsApp, iMessage and Gboard: from 20,000+ premium stickers. A free 7-day trial is open now so have it a go!

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I am new to sticker platforms and this one looks pretty neat.


Simple design. Many great stickers. Found them new.


More and more stickers!!!

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Jackie, Thanks for your feedback! More and more stickers are coming every day to keep on track! If you have any more comments to make, you can also contact us through email -
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Perhaps one of my favorite sticker apps. Easy to use and great!


Great stickers! I like the racoon very much :)


More raccoon stickers definitely

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Hugh, Thank you for the feedback. Racoon sticker is one of our most favorites too. Other stickers by other artists are also fun to use, so try them out! We will try to get more raccoon stickers for sure.

I see there are new stickers coming. Looking forward :)


Cute animated stickers. Lots of animal stickers too.


May be some cute girls?

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Alexia, Thank you for the feedback. We do have some cute girl stickers at the moment, but we are also getting new ones. They'll be here in about a week, so keep track!

This is awesome. I think I just found the app for iMessage.


I like how I can see sticker artists and talk to them.


More stickers would be great!

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Jay, Thank you for the feedback. Yes, talking with artists is one of the main themes of our service. We believe it is important for artists to communicate with their customers. You can become a Fan of an artist, and you'll get his/her latest releases.