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It’s cool to see well-known tech (eye-tracking) that was essentially limited to big market research teams now be faster (results in hours) and waaay less expensive...NOW built as a *tool for makers* to visually optimize websites, videos, emails, ads, etc. Definitely worth checking out their (free account) library of experiments to see (visual optimization + eye-tracking) studies done on Lyft vs. Uber, Hipchat vs. Slack, Warby Parker, American Airlines, holiday email campaigns, etc.
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Thanks @makanikai for the post! Our team has put a huge amount of effort into creating a new visual optimization platform and we would love to get everyone's thoughts on how to make it even better. We have a bunch of example optimizations once you log in and a 50% off code: PRODUCTHUNT50 if you want to sign up and try it on your own site, images, ads, etc! All the previous generation measurement products for the web/apps rely on clicks, seo or link data, which are just a sliver of the actual experience people really have and is no longer a good prediction of if people will engage, care, re-share and succeed with what you are doing. Our system allows you to measure what people actually see (eye tracking), emote (facial coding), believe (micro-survey) and interact with (full page deconstructions) all with just a few clicks - on real people (who opt in). If they don't see it, or they see it, but don't read enough of the words, your message will fail. If it is a viral video, except no one laughs/responds, it won't be shared. Our goal is to give you this experience data within minutes or hours of you trying out a new improvement in your digital message. The platform is super easy to use and our first users have been optimizing like crazy with it. Please send back your thoughts and questions!
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@makanikai Here is a simple example of people's path of attention across an image. Websites get way more complex, and many times, key elements are missed.
Love it!
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@lsgraef Thanks!
We have had a bunch of requests to try a Sticky study today! We are going to add credits to the next 10 people who leave a comment asking to try it out!
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@hcl337 IN!!! Would love some free credits to try it out, thank you!
@hcl337 I'd like some credits to try out the product, please!!
@alexufgator @luckiesharms Free credits inbound!
Ultra interesting tool! A huge pain point I see from other tools for heatmapping/CRO tools are that they do not measure real recall/intent from move/scroll/click as those are not actual ways of showing where someone looks which is super strong. Few key questions: 1. What is the current panel size you have 2. What are your USPs apart from showing actual eye tracking compared to tools like Hotjar, Inspectlet, Crazy Egg?
@john_tans Thanks! We are very excited about it. 1) Our team thought a lot about how to field and have implemented support for many types of fielding as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We support our Sticky Crowd, external panels (CINT, Toluna, uSamp, Research Now, ...), survey platform integrations (Confirmit, Survey Gizmo, Qualtrics, Dimensions, Decipher, ...) so you can have your own, embedding in your own website and social sharing. We have found people usually fall into one of three categories: A) they have very specific criteria and are willing to recruit from panels, B) they are looking for the overall response and go with our sticky crowd or C) if they are professional researchers, they may embed our experiences as a segment of a larger methodology and recruit their own panel. 2) The best way to see what differentiates us is to look at the 'demos' tab once you create an account (free)! http://sticky.ad The other services are good ones to use to understand if someone clicks, but they miss how people engage, what they see, read, understand, etc. At this point, given track pads and how we surf apps and the web, mouse tracking is no longer predictive of engagement and the challenge with algorithms trying to guess where someone would look is they do it based on the average of everything, so they won't tell you if you stand out. They also completely miss the difference between saying "Golden State Warriors" and "Orange Warriors". The first will have many times more engagement. The same for faces, imagery, etc - how do you choose which one is the most engaging.
@katiyarabhishek Tell us what you would like to test with our platform