Sticker Pals! 2.0

*800* Stickers from David Lanham!

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This is a really big shift from 1.0, which had a lot more gamification and unlocking mechanics. I guess iMessage apps are really best when they're simple and straightforward, and that's what 2.0 is all about. Release notes for 2.0: • Pick your favorite free sticker from hourly sticker sheets! • Gifts are packed full of more stickers for your pals • No more coins – if you hoarded them you may have access to special bling stickers! • New button below your stickers to rearrange your favorites to the top! • VIP club if you collected all the free stickers, with early access to upcoming stickers! • Easy to reach FAQ links to share with friends for installing and finding Sticker Pals
Sticker Pals has always been my favorite sticker pack. I was super excited about this. Probably the most value for your money sticker pack out there.