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Anthony Thomas
@ac132 · General Manager, Sticker Mule
thanks greg!
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Anthony Thomas
@ac132 · General Manager, Sticker Mule
Hey! Happy to be on Product Hunt today and excited to launch our take on custom wall graphics. When we first started playing with the idea of selling wall graphics we figured they were just big stickers, but as we dug deeper we realized there are a number of unique UX challenges with this product for us to solve. We'd love to hear feedback from Product Hun… See more
Violeta Nedkova
@violetanedkova · Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Nice hunt, @erictwillis! I love this. I especially like that they noticed I'm outside of the U.S. and offered to convert to centimeters. :D
Ross Simmonds
@thecoolestcool · GetCrate.co + Hustle & Grind
Oh nice, this is awesome! My laptop is already covered with Stickermule products. Pretty soon my walls will follow suit. I'd love to see StickerMule give companies the ability to submit orders via an API. I'm working on a website that has unique artwork and I'd love to have the ability to have stickers or wall graphics easily ordered, printed and shipped.
@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs. #7 on PH.
Love me some StickerMule. This looks like a cool product. If I visit a startup's office that doesn't have a giant logo on their wall like this, I'm leaving.
Caleb Elston
@calebelston · Co-founder of Delighted
The StickerMule team is awesome.