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#1 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2015
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Hey! Happy to be on Product Hunt today and excited to launch our take on custom wall graphics. When we first started playing with the idea of selling wall graphics we figured they were just big stickers, but as we dug deeper we realized there are a number of unique UX challenges with this product for us to solve. We'd love to hear feedback from Product Hunters on how we can make this more awesome! If you order this week, email referencing this post and we'll manually reduce your price by $25. Got a sec? Post a comment with feedback or question below. Our team will be thrilled to hear from you.
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@stickermule @ac132 What are these unique UX challenges? Can you elaborate?
@stickermule @eric3000 Certainly, one of the biggest challenges is managing artwork to ensure an optimal print quality. Since wall graphics are quite large, most artwork will become pixelated once you blow it up to the size of the wall graphic. The competition handles this 2 ways: 1. They heavily restrict the type of artwork they'll accept. 2. They blame the customer if the final print isn't optimal. Our goal is to make ordering fast and easy. Since most customers aren't experts in print-ready artwork we don't think it ideal to put the responsibility for artwork prep onto the customer. To that end, we're developing tools to automatically flag artwork that won't print well at size and also automatically fix the image so that it will print optimally. Ideally, you should be able to send us any image that represents your design and we'll do all the work to ensure optimal print quality without making you worry about it. The next big UX challenge is actually offline. The installation process for these can be rather cumbersome. Our focus is to save you time and make your life easier so we're pushing to optimize this process too. The final challenge is that we've seen customers don't necessarily know what size they should order. We've partly solved this challenge by working with you on size during proofing, but there's more we can do to help here as well.
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@stickermule @ac132 That's awesome detail. I love you digging into this process that from the outside seems easy but is actually fraught with challenges. It's all discovering the consumer pain points and solving for them.
Nice hunt, @erictwillis! I love this. I especially like that they noticed I'm outside of the U.S. and offered to convert to centimeters. :D
@v4violetta thanks Violeta, we try to be international friendly =)
@erictwillis @v4violetta yup! more fun stuff for international customers coming soon (i.e. lower shipping rates for parts of Europe).
@v4violetta @everette I learnt a new word today.
Oh nice, this is awesome! My laptop is already covered with Stickermule products. Pretty soon my walls will follow suit. I'd love to see StickerMule give companies the ability to submit orders via an API. I'm working on a website that has unique artwork and I'd love to have the ability to have stickers or wall graphics easily ordered, printed and shipped.
@thecoolestcool we really appreciate your support Ross and thanks for the suggestion, definitely will talk this over with our dev team.
@thecoolestcool Hey Ross, we've been getting more frequent requests for an API so it's definitely on our mind. No immediate plans but I wouldn't count it out as a future possibility. Thanks!
Love me some StickerMule. This looks like a cool product. If I visit a startup's office that doesn't have a giant logo on their wall like this, I'm leaving.
@kristofertm Haha thanks Kris this made everyone here smile :-)
@kristofertm awesome comment :)
The StickerMule team is awesome.