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I love beef jerky but the branding tip toes the line between funny and distasteful (no pun intended), for me. Awesome to see a "ProductHunt" discount code though :)
@rrhoover It's all intended to be tongue-in-cheek, Ryan. I a big believer in bold branding, especially when budgets are tight. When you commit to that approach, you definitely run the risk of alienating those who take offense.
@danerobert yeah, I totally get it. I'm certainly not offended but I'm just more consciousness of how others might perceive messaging as I and Product Hunt has more people watching. I'll continue to make non-PC jokes with my buddies privately. :)
This looks intense and I say that as a beef jerky fan. What are your thoughts on offering a single blind box for purchase/gifting?
@christineluc We do offer this as a single purchase: http://stickinabox.co/products/d... This brings a whole new meaning to the word intense. :) Working on a gift subscription offering as well for the upcoming season.
I'm a big fan of these guys, to be honest. The jerky ranges from bland to "holy shit I'm gonna die," spicy, overall, worthwhile subscription. Plus, they sent me "ghost pepper jerky," and I filmed myself eating it. :) http://shankman.com/in-the-proba...
I'm a beef jerky fanboy. Needed to do this for myself. Launched just two days ago. Use promo code PRODUCTHUNT to get 20% off, if you're so inclined.