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Hi everyone! My name is Ivo and I'm the founder of Stereofox. It's been a year since we got featured on this awesome community and we thought it's time to share with you the work we've done meanwhile :) After talking to users and people from the industry, last month we released Stereofox 2.1 which includes: 1. Artist profiles (integrated with Songkick &'s API), where users can find out more about artists, purchase their music or follow their upcoming concerts and ofc stream / read the features we've done of them 2. Label profiles - carefully curated number of labels we love and appreciate where users can listen to the label radio compiled by the music of label's artists 3. Moods browsing - besides sorting by genres, users will be able to specify specific mood and we will tailor the music based on that 4. Re-designed music player and a lot of UX/UI changes I hope you guys enjoy what we've done and ofc any feedback is kindly appreciated.
@himynameisivo First of all the site looks very good and good UX. What bothers me the most is that I couldn't find any playlists I liked, although I only spent 5 minutes in the site. Will continue later.
@rotemthegolfer thanks for the feedback - glad you enjoy the UX! I am not completely sure what you mean by the playlists you liked - do you refer to your own personal profile and how to get there? ie
@himynameisivo maybe I got the wrong impression but I thought your product is like 8track, isn't it?
@rotemthegolfer perhaps! It's more like a mix between Spotify & Soundcloud, but we also provide written content to the (humanly curated) music we feature. In addition you can make your own playlist. I hope that clears out the confusion? :)