Beat social anxiety with small challenges


Michael Flarup
@flarup · Northplay, Pixelresort, Robocat.
A few weeks back, Rikke & Fabian came by my office to show me this thing they where working on: Steps. An app that, by completing small challenges, helps people overcome social anxiety. It's been absolutely heartwarming to see these two amazing people bring this little tool into the world. It is everything I love about tech; genuinely useful, approachabl… See more
@fabianehlert · iOS developer, building Steps app
Thanks for the hunt @flarup! And hello everybody! We’re more than excited to be launching on PH today 🚀 Let’s introduce you to Steps. Steps is an app helping you overcome social anxiety using exposure therapy. Unfortunately social anxiety is a highly underrated mental health issue, too seldomly addressed in society leading to a lack of awareness. But also… See more
Android app planned ?
Stefano Zorzi
@stefanozorzi · partner, Founders
Congratulation for your launch! What i love about this is all in your vision: "make mental health care accessible and help people overcome social anxiety". It is surprising how little has been done to leverage technology and good design when it comes to mental health. Actually, what happens is usually the opposite: technology driving anxiety and stress. Bu… See more
Carl Martin
@carlmartin · Founder, Wurqs
The most humble but talented team. Been part of the beta and love it! How do you plan to build on the categories of challenges? Can see obvious opportunities for things like dating.