Create collaborative spaces & rich simulations without code

StellarX is a collaborative XR sandbox that empowers anyone to create their own immersive environments and simulations. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done — without code.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Félix LeBlanc
VR/AR lover and coffee maniac
Super intuitive and easy to use! I love it!
A glimpse of the future, but available now! A lot of good ideas and forward thinking, a tool that will definitely end up being mainstream.
Alex TomilinCEO at
Amazing design of the website. And the product itself is worth trying, thanks for sharing!
🎤 Hello everyone! I’m Harold, founder of After 5 years in development, we’re excited to launch our product to the world. Our product is an award-winning software built to help teams of all sizes in 3D content creation. Here are a few things that set our stellar software apart. 😎✌️ Even non-programmer and non-pro-user can create 3D and immersive content: Collaboration should be simple, straightforward, and effective. StellarX empowers business professionals across industries to better themselves with immersive AI-enabled experiences. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done—without code. ✨ A touch of magic: Create an immersive Space that’s totally yours. Use XR to simulate industry-specific environments that are relevant to your field or to make the inaccessible more accessible. Start from scratch or use a template to make each Space your own. Decorate with StellarX assets or import your favourites. Your space, your way! 🤜✨🤛 There is no "I" in team, so StellarX is team-first: That means you can collaborate all together in an immersive space or from your desktop. You can collaborate, do design thinking or even create a fully interactive world — all within one app. Last time you heard from me I was telling you about how it goes behind the scene at OVA ( The past year has been..., I mean you know how it has been, so we kept ourselves like real busy bees 🐝 at OVA. We: 🍾 got over 5,000 downloads from around the world 📦 Shipped close to 50 releases, with hundreds of improvements, and of course, at every release, we have squashed the bugs 🐞 that we found. 🙋‍♀️ Now our team is made of 30 people coming from different backgrounds from countries such as Tahiti (French Polynesia), Canada and Chile for example. In case you need any assistance with StellarX we have you fully covered with our helpdesk in case you’d like to learn more about what we’re shipping today and where we’re going follow our Release Notes. Thank you to our first users — many of whom are part of the Product Hunt community — for the feedback you’ve shared over the past years and also for the one that has shared some love on our social networks. It’s been truly incredible seeing what you’ve made with StellarX. The team and I will be hanging out on this thread this week, so if you have questions, feedback, or thoughts, we’d love to hear them. 🎉🥳
Gavyn Claytoni love to cook
can you buy me one please
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