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Collect your Stellar XLM inflation rewards

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Stellar Pool is a low-fee community pool designed to give you maximum profits while maintaining high performance and longevity. We're not the only pool out there but we think you'll like us best.

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Tyler van der Hoeven
Tyler van der HoevenMaker@tyvdh · Developer, Baremetrics
Hold XLM? You could be compounding 1% per year! Hey Product Hunt family! Did you know the number of Lumens in circulation is growing at a rate of 1% per year? At current volume that shakes out to over 19.8M new Lumens being added to the network every week. Stellar distributes these Lumens through a voting mechanism. Your Stellar account can “cast a ballot” for the recipient of the weekly inflation and every Lumen you hold counts as one vote. The caveat is that for an account to receive any share of the inflation the total number of votes must equal at least 5% of the total volume or about 51.8M votes. That’s out of reach for most of us so community pools like this exist to give us all a chance at collecting on that weekly inflation. If enough people vote for us we receive the inflation and then pay each voter back their share of the prize. Sound interesting? Pledge your vote today!