Feedback loops and actionable solutions for better teamwork

The Steerio App deploys continuous feedback loops with your team or project to help you make teamwork better.
On a regular basis your team is invited to provide short feedback, our analytics spot what need to be improved and generate actionable advices for all
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Pulse feature is very useful to trigger discussion in the teams I manage. I do recommend this tool as it quickly allows managers to oversee their different project teams
@guillaume_lasalle Amazing to hear this! We love to hear this kind of feedback! Happy to be a part of your success story and thank you for sharing.
Project success is a lot about people & team work, but getting a clear view about it on a regular basis on a large and complex project is very complex. Steerio solution combined with right project management methodology & spirit allow to tackle in a very different way this complexity, with human at the center and data to support!
Thank you for your feedback @damien_palacci ! We are indeed deeply committed to support new ways of working by leveraging the collective intelligence on projects. It's a pleasure to pioneer new approaches on your side!
Steerio has been a game changer in a critical moment for one of the teams I manage, allowing to analyse the misalignment of some team members and permitting to overcome this ! Great work and responsiveness !
Glad to hear from you @jean_baptiste_a ! Helping teams to pinpoint and discuss what can be improved at the right time is our mission.
Super project, awesome product and awesome team. Had the opportunity to work with Nicolas, Damien and Thomas in our acceleration program and they are the best
Thank you for your message @mtevrach! The opportunity to work with you guys was a very important milestone for our development 👍
Teamwork can be great and it can be painful. In many cases communication and feedback are the keys to a great experience. Thanks for finally providing a simple product to accompany teams in their journey!