Talent marketplace for tech's gender & diversity gap

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This project started after a tweet by @BlendahTom last month about getting our "Maker" status. I've made a post on medium explaining why I chose this problem. I want to get more women, people of color, etc hired at tech companies. I've not been working on this for a long period of time so the site is not beautiful yet, but I'm working on it. Let me know your thoughts.
@erictwillis Awesome job Eric! Explain the behind the scenes process. Do you have contacts at these companies to help you fullfill the listings?
@BlendahTom I have a few companies registered, but I'm still working on that now. I hope to have between 20-30 companies by January 1st. I had some contacts and now I'm just reaching out to anyone that will listen to me. Building out two-sided marketplaces can be kind of complicated so now the hard work begins. It's not my first time building a two-sided marketplace so I know I have some hurdles to jump.
@BlendahTom @erictwillis I'm confident in your ability to reach out, Eric, I know you'll do a great job! But hey people reading this, if you're a hiring manager at your startup in SV, y'all should give a shout-out! ;)
Also wanted to give a special thank you to @KikiSchirr who helped me a lot with this. Kiki, you're awesome!