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Thank you ProductHunt and Nikita Korotaev for featuring us here! :) Few words about Stealthy :) 3 months ago I've made a simple app to send anonymous SMS to any mobile operator free of charge. The idea was to trick my friends. Nevertheless, my friends and relatives started to use this service to send each other thoughts they would never say in person. 80% of messages were romantic, 10% leaked some corporate secrets and 10% were just jokes. Then users asked to make public Anonymous chats, similar to those, which were popular in 90's. We've done it and...Vuola! Now we have 1000+ new unique downloads and 60 000+ anonymous messages per day. Total: 60 000 users already and 2 550 000 messages sent. Our team consists of 2 people only and we spend 0 on marketing. That's not my first social network, BTW. In 2008 I've started up a LinkedIn clone in Eastern Europe and it attracted 5.5 million users. In 2011 I had an exit and fell in depression. When your baby is not yours anymore, its quite frustrating.
Another take on anonymity. Despite the dating focus of the app, I’ve been shown some interesting corporate/government leaks that happened through the app. I’m more interested in the latter, hope Nikita from @StealthyChat can describe the vision.
Interesting product. It takes instant messaging into another perspective: I'm very curious to see the outcomes of this service. It's a brilliant idea, but it needs to be monitored to avoid spam and offensive comments. Well done Nikita Halavins. Best of luck for Stealthy!
@giolepori Thank you! We work hard on our pre-moderation system. For instance, we monitor all the rude words and if you say any, your message will be blocked and you will automatically join a special "Fcuking chat". Moreover, we have 20+ moderators in different chats to block any suspicious behavior. If a moderator blocks you, you are going to "Jail" ;)
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