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SteadyBudget allows you to group campaigns across ad networks into budgets, and those budgets into clients. Also has rapid reporting with CSV and PDF exports. The interface looks quite clean.
Co-Founder/CEO here. Excited for everyone to checkout SteadyBudget 2.0! (You need access to Google Adwords, BingAds or FacebookAds data to find value.) A rundown of some of the major improvements: - We completely overhauled the design since version 1.0 using materialism principles and Angular.js. - Previously marketers could only track monthly budgets, now budgets can be created using any date range needed. - All data is now easily exportable to PDF or CSV. - Make decisions using more than 30 new performance metrics down the the ad group, ad and keyword level. - Trending graphs can now be customized to the preferences of your organization. - Send budget alert emails to anyone with new CC'ing contacts options. - New campaigns added to Adwords, BingAds and FacebookAds are automatically detected and can be quickly added to an existing budget. Let us know if we can help anyone out with any questions,
@jdavis23 will you be adding twitter ads soon?
Excited to check this out, could save me time on a number of things I do manually with spreadsheets now.
@azazo love to hear what you think after giving it a shot
Yeah, definitely gonna have to check this out. Thanks!
With so many tools available to manage ad campaigns I totally agree this is a huge pain point simply grouping everything in one place in a clean/flexible UI, looking forward to testing this out
@jasondainter let us know how it goes and what you think! As a former analyst this is the platform I always wanted.