Determined to stay productive, healthy and creative, despite the pandemic?
Good news! There are bunch of amazing companies who made their otherwise premium products available for free or at a lower price.
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👋Hi PH Fam! First of all - we hope you, your family and friends are strong, healthy and optimistic! ▶ This global pandemic has brought lots of uncertainty into the world, but it also brought a lot of people together. All around the world people and businesses are helping each other to get over this asap and that's amazing! ▶ Me and my good friend Marian were quite amazed to see so many companies making their otherwise premium products accessible for free or with a big discount during the outbreak of this shitty virus. We started to share them with each other and quickly realized that Whatsapp chat is not the best place to keep a log of them. ▶ Hence the STAYING HOME KIT was born to help us and everybody else to keep track of all these offers in one place. So if you: ✅suddenly have more time on your hands and would like to learn/explore something new ✅would like to save some $$ on certain tools while the World's economy is experiencing the unknown ✅looking for ideas on what to do at home might be useful for you :) Sending positive vibes to y'all!
Hi Tauras, Thank you so much for the list. We know how difficult it is to find al the great resources and how valuable they are. We've started a LinkedIn group to empower people that are losing their job to interact and find new opportunities: Do you have any resources on that? Keep up the great work. Kind regards, R.