Stay Put Shirt Stays

The elastic straps that keep your shirt tucked in

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Not going to lie, this looks kind of silly:
@rrhoover Also the lighting of this makes it look like a creepy sex thing not a keep your clothes proper thing.
Great contraceptive. Darwinism in action.
Would maybe use if I were a banker, but don't think I'll be using this for my recently delivered company logo t-shirt made by @FrankDenbow from @StartupThreads :)
This thing looks super-duper-silly. But @kristofertm says they are actually a thing, not a joke, and I have experienced the wrinkled shirt effect. I always kind of thought I just needed tailored shirts… but maybe that's not enough? Is this necessary to keep a nicely tucked look?
@kristofertm @willimholte Pro-tip: Just tuck you shirt into your underpants. You'll miss out in the added benefit of keeping your socks up, though.
@willimholte @MarcEglon you bet your ass you will!
Shirt stirrups! I own a pair. Not the most comfortable thing to wear but they work big time. Great for weddings where you're dancing your ass off. Everyone else looks disheveled by the end of the night and you're the only one who still has a sweet tuck.
Oh they are very real haha. It's actually not so much about the wrinkling, more about keeping it tucked in and not getting that poof by your belt after you move around and loosin the tuck. @rrhoover there's a reason these things are most often used by old men. You shouldn't plan on undressing in front of anyone and thinking you'll getting some lovin after they see these on under your khakis