Stay at Home Banner

Ask your users to contain coronavirus with this banner

Many big sites like Instagram and Spotify started to request their users to stay at home to contain the coronavirus. We want to amplify that plea and provide an HTML snippet you can embed on your site. We can make it through this if we unite!
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Virginia, Enrique and myself are all based in Switzerland, which is just north of the European coronavirus epicentre in Italy. Like many other regions of the world, we're asked to stay at home. Lockdown fatigue starts to kick in. Now more than ever, we want to amplify the plea for staying at home. We can make it through this if we unite. Please consider putting up a banner on your site that urges people to stay at home. The easiest way to do so is to embed our HTML snippet. Let us know what you think. We're very grateful for any support we can get rolling this idea out to the world. We'll be updating the text accordingly when local governments lift restrictions. Let us know when you'd like to help getting the banner ready for your country or languages you speak. Reach us at Until then... please stay at home. Everyone.