Beautiful hosted status pages & monitoring

Statuspal provides beautiful hosted status pages that you can configure in seconds and comes bundled with simple monitoring so you can automate incident reporting out of the box.
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Hey there hunters! and thanks for the hunt @hvost. It's Eduardo, founder of Statuspal, we've been providing beautiful status pages for almost 3 years now, we think we've learned a lot and have a product we're really proud of and our customers love, so we felt it was time to share it with you :) With Statuspal you can communicate incidents and maintenances in real-time to your customers through a beautiful status page, you can automate incident creation through our simple monitoring, or integrate your existing 3rd party monitoring tool like Pingdom. ❤️ The Discount As part of this launch we'd like to give you hunters a 10% off for 3 months (on top of our already discounted prices for a total of up to 50% discount! simply use the code HUNTER20.
Nice - be interested to know more..
We use Statuspal at LiveSession for more than a year and we absolutely love it ❤️. It's the best status page software on the market. Great job Eduardo 👏
Thanks @kdrazkiewicz 🥰 always happy to provide an amazing product
Love the !product, been using it for all my API projects
@adzshar thanks for the nice feedback :)