Status Pages by WebGazer

All your systems' health in a nutshell


Monitor your website and REST API with WebGazer. Share your performance statistics via your public status page. Post messages regarding incidents in order to keep your users updated.

Make your website and system performances publicly available, close the gap between your DevOps and users with Status Pages by WebGazer. #HugOps

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Co-Founder Seyisco

I believe this was one of the most requested features to be added to Webgazer, mainly because managing alert notifications via email or slack takes a bit of time to process, yet if you have a real time status page open on a screen, it is much more easier to respond to immediate changes.

For businesses with very active DevOps, or businesses with real time digital services (like e-commerce), this is a must have feature.

Personally I'd have to add it wasnt very crucial to us in maintenance, as we are an iot business that mostly exists of digital transactions between physical machines (thus maintenance takes long on a physical scale). This is however something we can show on our customers dashboard showing them if their machines/tools are working the way they should.

I should add, I'm very pleased to see the improvement on Webgazers service after their first producthunt release, not just in the increase of benefits but especially in response to product feedback from users.


Quick & Real Time access to monitoring services

Decreases response time of DevOps to incidents

Looks cool on a dashboard :)


Not very beneficial to enterprises with a small digital footprint

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Your comment was music to my ears as I make a product that helps you run those sort of dashboards. I even had a guest post in the WebGazer blog recently: I just like glancing at my dashboard, showing WebGazer, see that everything is ok, and moving on with whatever I'm doing.

Simple monitoring tool


Easy to setup, informative and accurate


Real time updates via SMS would be good

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Wordpress had Jetpack, and now we have a service that works with any type of website, monitoring the downtimes and such. And I've found this product very helpful in monitoring my multiple websites!


Really love the simple & clean user interface and the features are just awesome.


Haven't found any so far. The product works smoothly