An auto-responding status update and OOO for Twitter

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Surely the idea behind an out of office is that it will reply to *any* message with 'I'm out of office..' If it only replies when the user appends #Status to the tweet, how will people know to add that? Surely, once the OOO is set, it should reply to every tweet not just those including #Status?
@adamcudworth I thought the same thing.
@adamcudworth @justinscheetz - thanks for the comments guys! This is also possible - would just require more listening power. We put it together in 18 hours as a tester really, if additions are required we can easily add no problem! πŸ‘Š
I recently asked for an OOO responder for Twitter before leaving for Coachella. Thanks for delivering, @twizrd. πŸ‘Š
@rrhoover - anytime man! What's todays #Status?
Due to popular demand we created a very simple tool that allows you to set a status update on Twitter. Similar to an Out Of Office for email, #Status allows you to create a status and when someone sends you a Tweet including #Status it will auto reply with the message you wrote - simple! A Brndstr Labs project built in under 24 hours and may contain a few bugs - if so let us know and we will nuke them!
welp, was getting ready to alpha test a version of this ourselves haha. Nice work!
Such a simple and great idea. I'll definitely start using this from now on. My only feedback is that it should reply with the message while you're away for every mention that you receive, without the need to incorporate the #status. Cheers!