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One app to rule them all


Station unifies all your web apps in one neat & productive interface

🛠 A Smart Dock to organize your workflow

🔎 Unified Search to find anything quickly

🔔 Notification Center to stay in control

👉 Give it a try

🐞❓Questions, feature requests, bugs: Station community

142 Reviews
 +396 reviews
  • 213986
    Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Product Hunt & Feathrd

    Clean, minimal & functional.


    Needs a little more basic features.

    Having been a user of Franz for a long time now, I'm glad I found Station cause it has way more functionality :) Thank you for making this!

    Although, I'm not sure on how I can mute particular apps from sending me notifications 🙃

    EDIT 1: Multiple instances such as Twitter do not actually separate two accounts; if I log out of one, it logs out of the other.

    P.S: I'll edit this review once I use it for a bit longer :)

    Amrith Shanbhag has used this product for one day.
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  • 664395
    Meghan RegiorDesigner @eFounders

    nice experience, higher productivity, better perfs than chrome, centralized work, fast switcher, smart handle of pages, daily use base


    can't wait for Single Sign In, and password manager features !!

    I've been using Station since it's very beginning (9 months ago). I use it now on a daily basis.

    As a designer, I have on my desktop my Sketch, and of course my Station. It centralize all my work (InVision, Slacks, Gmail, Notifications, Trello... 300+ apps already, so crazy!). So no need to switch between thousand of tabs on chrome, or to set up my work everything morning. I just open Station and eveything is there : what I missed, my new assignments... It just makes you way more productive.

    Give it a try people and get Station now !

    Meghan Regior has used this product for one year.
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  • 167871
    Henning von VogelsangFounder of River

    Slightly better exprience than a browser window with tabs, thanks to a dedicated UI with icons. Presumably less resource-demanding.


    Forces user to use Google as login. It doesn’t work without Gmail and it doesn’t allow users to delete the default apps (Gmail, Docs).

    Essentially, Station is a dedicated Web browser (presumably Chrome-based) which is customized to bind Web apps into a fixed UI frame with icons representing each app. It does not “unify the user experience”, because each app keeps its very own UI. Station’s UI is heavily “Material Design” influenced. It is a tad flashier than Google’s Web apps, but generally looks very much like them.

    This apparent love for Google’s way of handling UI goes much further: You can’t use Station without a Google account. Unfortunately the developers ignored the fact that not every Google user has their email tied into the Google ecosystem. If you have a Google account using your own email (with your own domain), you are out of luck with Station, as it assumes that if you have a Google Drive account, you also must have a Gmail account. This simplification makes it probably easier for the developers to handle the user account, but it blatantly ignores user intent. Not every user may want to use a Google login to add all their other apps into Google’s data-collecting ecosystem.

    Given the current experience, I doubt there has been much of UX research, or user testing in particular. It seems the developers created Station largely based on their own needs, assuming most users would want the same experience as well.

    Station does have a compelling argument for its reason for existence, but currently the UX is skewed towards a “Google users only” and Android/Chrome OS kind of experience.

    Henning von Vogelsang has used this product for one day.
  • 227247
    Robot Devil Co.Fame is for sale.



    it becomes useless if you delete a Gsutie user

    DO NOT DELETE A GSUITE USER IN YOUR GOOGLE ADMIN PANEL THAT YOU HAVE LINKED TO STATION. Once you turn that user off, Station then thinks all of your Gmail account users are the same user.



    Robot Devil Co. has used this product for one month.
  • 89601
    Fabrizio BianchiDigital Campaign Coordinator @ Sodexo

    Smart tab/app management, clean UI


    Not perfectly stable, not a good fit for administrative uses

    I would suggest it only to those who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the informations shown in the different apps.

    Anybody building a system or needing any kind of parallel work/reference available is not going to find this a good fit, e.g. Salesforce admins, GTM users.

    I use it for everything that doesn't have to keep multiple windows/pop-ups open. The small windows opening are not yet stable so it can be problematic on LinkedIn and other platforms.

    Fabrizio Bianchi has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Good performances, great view.


    Improve the sidebar and the rollover of a service

    Some details about UX are annoying. Like for Slack, the icon is always the same (so you'"re not taking advantage of the slack customizable icon) and as the navbar is also on the left, when I change slack I have to put my mouse in the center of the screen before seeing what's new in my slack. The preferences panel is just BOooOoOoOoOooring.

    Fabien Cazals has used this product for one week.
  • 160465
    John BrettAuthor & full stack software engineer

    Beautiful design, easy to use


    No per app notification handling, which makes it unusable.

    I have multiple slack channels, some I want to receive notifications for, some happy to just check when I have free time, in which case I don't want to see an unread badge. I see no way to differentiate two in this, whereas Franz has this.

    Happy to alter review if I missed settings on how to configure this.

    John Brett has used this product for one day.
  • 73916
    Laurent PerrierEntrepreneur - Developer

    Great idea and execution when it works.


    Sometimes an app "breaks" and there's no easy way to reset it.

    Overall a lot of potential and when it works it's great, but there's still quite a few issues that ruin the experience. The team also makes it hard to reach out to them with feedback or bug reports.

    Laurent Perrier has used this product for one day.
  • 172478
    Marcelo RisoliWeb app developer

    Nice UI, has similar services to Franz and adds a lot of cool different services on top of that, love the open up to new window


    Hate the sidebar that gets in the way when switching between services

    Lacks some services that Franz/Rambox have, such as Facebook Messenger

    Seen it and Product Hunt and immediately replaced Franz for me, love the UI and the easiness of use, I have some nitpicks against it, but otherwise it is very nice.

    Marcelo Risoli has used this product for one day.
  • 88220
    Anthony GibsonDesigner, Front-End Developer

    When it works, it works really well keeping you focused on one thing at a time, while keeping all your other apps accessible.


    A lot of basic things seem to break... and to boot there is apparently a great wall between be and their support.

    I'll continue to use it because when it works... it's really good! I'm more focused, less distracted, and overall can get to all the services I depend on. I'm a designer and front-end web dev so having everything from dribbble to github in one app is dope!

    But when it doesn't work.. and you can't get a response in the in-app chatbox, and their support page has no help... you wonder just how long you're gona be able to hold out for updates.

    I seriously hope I'm one of a few and they get the bugs worked out, because it's got a lot of potential! :)

    Anthony Gibson has used this product for one week.
  • 32404
    Jamie RytlewskiSystems Analyst @ Mich State University

    I liked how it could put all the apps in app.


    For now stop being so creepy.

    I just received an email saying Station knew I had stopped using it. I was away from my computer for a week. Super creepy that they are keeping logs. I personally do not trust them any more and won't be using it anytime soon.

    Jamie Rytlewski has used this product for one week.
  • 95010
    François-Xavier F.Product @LiveMentor

    Replace easily Franz. UI is sleek. Really nice to focus in one place.


    I'd like to bookmark myself the "tabs" of the same app, being able to do it manually.

    Appear.in doesn't seem to work - the cam (video) and sound don't launch.

    Would love that in focus mode the screen become black or with a cool image - so that I can't see the screen, just focus on my work.

    François-Xavier F. has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Unified search and the ability to access multiple Google accounts without having to sign-out/sign back in is a godsend.


    So far a few apps are missing but, an outstanding 1st iteration.

    My desire to have imessage, google hangouts, facebook messenger and slack all in one dashboard is almost a reality. 1/2 way there. As someone who regularly bounces between wunderlist, evernote, google apps (the whole suite) and the web — this is like OneTab on steroids.

    monirom has used this product for one day.
  • 115247
    Diego JimenezPrincipal Product Designer @LonelyPlanet

    Interesting concept, lots of apps, easy to set up.


    Almost no added value over a regular browser.

    It's got really few, small features that differentiate it from pinning a few tabs in my regular browser, which I always end up using, because every time I open a link in Station, it's opened in my browser.

    It's definitely an interesting concept, but doesn't make my personal workflow any better, faster or easier.

    Diego Jimenez has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    The app is fast, save-state works well, and has tons of integrations.


    Ugly logo, notifications cannot be muted permanently.

    I absolutely love Station. Been using it for roughly a month now. I use Slack, DaPulse, Feedly, Chartbeat, WhatsApp, Telegram, G. Analytics, FBM, Buffer, Quickbooks, and Discord with it. Needless to say, it's saved me some tab and dock headaches.

    If they made the icon less ugly and added the ability to mute notifications permanently I'd give it a 5/5.

    Luqven has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    It has all apps that I'm using every time.


    It has several bugs on Windows.

    When I click to minimize the window button, it pop-ups again (two times is the limit).

    Sometimes the main window of Station gets resize to a little window and hides under the dock (my dock is in the top on Windows 10). So, I have to press ALT+SPACE to move it to the center and resize to its normal state (I'm using 2 monitors.).

    Rufat Mammadli has used this product for one year.
  • 132900
    Thomas MeadFounder www.squiply.com

    Ease of Use

    Great UX (improved w/ updates)

    Centralizes Workflow


    Colored Icons / More customization options

    Been using Station for 4(?) months now and they keep making improvements for the better. I'd still like if my sidebar app icons were colored as I sometimes can't find the right one quick enough ;-)

    Highly recommended, try it for a few days and you'll never have 50 chrome tabs open again.

    Awesome job!

    Thomas Mead has used this product for one year.
  • 84553
    Gabe PerezSocial Media Director

    Really clean and keeps me focused on my work


    Wish it was a little less intensive on the ram (about equal to chrome right now)

    Each day I've used Station, I've liked it more. The clean look helps me keep focused on my tasks at hand. The app organization makes sense and the loading/response of each application is often faster than if I used it in-browser.

    Gabe Perez has used this product for one week.
  • 229837
    Gabriel CartierCofounder @ Samsao

    - One place for all apps

    - Super quick to start working

    - A lot of apps available


    - Still feels a bit beta-ish

    - Some controls are not straight forward (back, adding new "windows")

    - No password manager

    I have been using Station for a month. I was unsure at the beginning but decided to give it a try. The product still feels unfinished in some part, but it's still a really quick way to bootstrap your working apps in a second.

    Some of the applications feel weird in the app (linkedin, jira), mostly because some of the controls are not intuitive or easy to find out. For example, in LinkedIn, there is a lot of going back, and it's not that easy to figure out that CMD+[ is the "back".

    Adding a password manager availability would also make the product much easier to use in my case.

    I recommend it for people who don't like to have a lot of tabs open. This gets you really close to a native application.

    Gabriel Cartier has used this product for one month.
  • 36713
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Fast, clean, easy to setup, great performance, great UX, huge number of supported apps


    Can't add unsupported apps on your own, links open in a proprietary Station window, doesn't support most chrome extensions

    I absolutely LOVE Station! For me, this is by far the cleanest and lightest experience of any of the recent aggregation-type apps.

    I had been using Rambox and still enjoy that product, especially the open source nature and approach of @saenzramiro, but it does seem to run a bit heavy and I really prefer the UI/UX of Station. I haven't noticed any lag at all with Station and I can't say for certain, but anecdotally, Station's feature for putting apps to sleep when not actively in use appears to keep things very snappy!

    I love that I can have a single Slack instance and access all my Slack channels there. Franz and All-in-One have this, but Rambox creates a separate app instance for each Slack channel. This can be a nightmare for people with many channels. Same for Hangouts. Wish Gmail could be aggregated.

    I have also used loads of these apps including most recently Franz 2.0 and 3.0, All-in-One Messenger, FreeterPro, and Alternion. And back in the day, Jolicloud, Hootsuite, Fuse, Socialblend, and Hojoki. Station fits my workflow and style better than any of the others. I also appreciate the active community and the ability to have the forum as one of the apps directly inside of Station.

    The few frustrations that I have are minor, but worth noting.

    1. Station does not support very many extensions.

    Extension support is my top request. It's been so long since I ran Chrome without adblock that I didn't know Google still placed spam in Gmail! What I miss most is though is Lastpass support.

    2. Links open in a proprietary Station browser window.

    This means if I want to take any action on that page/info, which requires an extension (i.e. clipping to Evernote), I have to re-open the url in my primary browser. This doesn't happen in all apps with all links, but it is frequent enough to be an annoyance. I can usually resolve it with a right-click + "Open link in default browser", but that doesn't work on buttons or images.

    3. We cannot add any app that we like.

    This is where Rambox earns its spot toward the top of this space. With Station we have to make a request and wait and hope that enough other people use/have requested the same app. Not a big deal, but I sure would love to have Milanote in Station with the rest of my frequently opened pages. :-)

    Well done @al3xstrat! Appreciate this awesome tool!

    Just S has used this product for one week.