A quick way to communicate when talking isn't an option

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Relatively frequently, my Lyft driver cannot hear. They often use iPad drawing apps to let me know that they're deaf. This would be an awesome use case for them. Also when you want to tell someone in the meeting you're bored =).
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@sparkszilla Fantastic usecase! Todd and I made Statement with my little sister and other folks with special needs in mind, but have found tons of other situations where the app is useful. Keep the ideas coming!
Great idea, superb execution... Calling it early: my favourite product on PH this week.
@sleinadsanoj Wow! Thanks so much!
Great idea. I have a neurological stuttering condition and sometimes it's just quicker to write down what I want to say.
It would be cool to add a translation mode, so you could write something in english (e.g. where is the bathroom) and translate it (e.g. German: Wo ist die Toilette, bitte?) - Cool app :)
@johnmurch I was going to reply "cool idea!" in another language, but I really don't want to be the girl that accidentally told an upvoter his idea was frozen or something.
This would be great as a universal feature. Perhaps with just a reverse pinch of the screen. Great idea. It could also work well with a small set of bright colours so you can distinguish people and their screens in the crowd. Also great for emergency situations.