The State of Product Marketing report 2019 contains the most important survey and interview insights we discovered from talking directly to hundreds of product marketers.
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In the hope of creating a consensus and better understanding of the product marketer role, we surveyed the product marketing community to learn more about the product marketer’s responsibilities, influence, goals, organizational structure, career path, career satisfaction, and more. We also interviewed ten influential product marketing leaders from companies including: HubSpot, Intercom, Twitter, Typeform, Spotify, Unbounce, Uber, Olivine Marketing, InVision and airSlate to get their recommendations on what the product marketer role should look like today and in the future. And thank you so much to the 609 product marketers who took the time to share their thoughts, experiences, and feelings in the survey. We couldn’t have created this report and started this conversation without you.
This is by no means a closed and definitive report. Instead, we hope this report provides a starting point to empower you to have more meaningful and data-backed discussions about the product marketing role within your company and within the wider product marketing community. We hope that these insights will help you have more influence within your organization and your overall career. If you have anything more to say on the topic we’d love to hear from you.
Thrilled to be part of this report, alongside insights from so many smart PMMs! Product Marketing varies so much from company to company, so getting an aggregated look like this is really valuable for us (and others outside of the PMM community) to understand how others think about the role and where it might go in the future. Thanks @pmmalliance for putting this together, as well as developing the PMA community - it's great to be able to chat with and learn from so many other PMMs at all types of businesses 🙌
@jasmine_j Thanks for providing one of the highlights in the report! Great interview!🔥
First aggregated assessment that I know of, of a highly demanded role that needs definition to take the companies that hire PMMs to another level. Congrats, @pmmalliance
@mordodemaru This is exactly the idea behind the report! thanks for reading
I'm so honored to be part of this groundbreaking report! So many smart, talented PMMs doing such impactful, nebulous work and this report brings us closer to defining that work. Being able to more clearly define, shape, and grow product marketing is a key component of driving demand and success of the products we support (and our careers!). Thanks to @pmmalliance for commissioning this report and for bringing together the PMA community - the fact that it has blown up so quickly just proves how deep the need was.
@raechel_lambert1 thanks for being a big part of making this happen, much appreciated!💯Also thanks in advance for traveling the world presenting it!