The 2019 State of 1:1s report offers in-depth insights into:
⭐️ The purpose and goals of one-on-ones
⭐️ How remote management impacts one-on-ones
⭐️ How different departments approach one-on-ones
⭐️ How organization size and industry affects one-on-ones
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Hi ProductHunters 👋 I am so excited to share our 2019 State of One-on-ones report with you! It has taken 4 months, 3 designers, 2 marketers, 1 developer and a whole slew of amazing managers 🎉 to make this happen. Back in August, we surveyed over 200 managers on how they run one-on-one meetings. Our goal: To learn how managers are spending this invaluable time with their team. What are their biggest challenges? What's on the agenda? How often are one-on-one meetings? What tools are being used to facilitate the meeting? The results were, to say the least, interesting. Here are few of my key takeaways from the report: ⚡️Remote managers find retention 6x more challenging than on-site managers ⚡️75% of managers are talking about growth and development in their 1:1s ⚡️The topic managers discuss least in 1:1s is “alignment to company mission” ⚡️75% of respondents use Slack as their primary communication tool with their teams ➡️My ask: What is shocking to you? What, if anything, has made you think twice about your approach to one-on-ones? What stats would you have love to seen in this report? And if you find the information useful and interesting, please give us a vote 👍 and share your comments below! We’d love, love to hear your feedback 😊
Love this! Great to get insights into the way other managers operate with their teams.
@aaron_stubbings Totally! We're glad you love this! 🙌
wow gorgeous design. definitely going to take a note and read this 😻
@typicalmitul Thanks Mitul! Would love to hear your thoughts when you get a chance to read through! :)
The stat that surprised me most was that engineering managers spend the most time in meetings all week. Definitely thought it would have been sales considering all of the prospect and customer meetings they would normally have. Great job on the report SoapBox team!
@igor_ilic Thanks Igor! Definitely caught me by surprise too. Not being an engineer myself, was definitely under the assumption that engineering managers still spent some of their time coding/developing. After interviewing multiple engineering managers... Turns out they rarely get a chance to code and the stats back that up even more!
Looking forward to reading this one!
@julia_manoukian Thanks Julia! Would love to know your thoughts when you get a chance! :)