Visualizing the current state of development


Yvo Schaap
@yvoschaap · CTO / Entrepreneur / Developer
Hi. This is my latest side project. I enjoy doing research for certain topics, and usually end up drawing a graph that positions all concepts so I get a good understanding of a market. I build a tool around that, which became State.of.dev. Its an early release, so any feedback is appreciated. Read more about it here: https://medium.com/@yvoschaap/st...
Matt Broberg
@mbbroberg · Developer Advocate, Intel
I really dig this. The idea of using common mapping patterns to visualize dev tools is genius. To give feedback: The first important gap would be explaining the diagrams. Just an intro to trough of disillusionment and whatever version of the diffusions of innovations you're using would be awesome 👌. Next is clarity on whether the state of tools is your … See more
Jannik Siebert
@jnnksbrt · Software Architect @mohemian
Looks good! 🎉 Can you elaborate on what the different XY-axes represent? I found it quite difficult to make sense of the diagrams before reading your medium post. (Maybe add an explanation for "Expectations" and add a label for the time axis.) Great stuff! 🚀
Haoyang Feng
Pretty cool. You should probably open up in some way to allow others to edit.
Carlos Herrera
@carlosherrera · Software Engineer, Epicor Software
Pretty interesting. Good work on the research!