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Stashe makes it easy to share interesting articles & videos from around the web with your friends. Save links for later and send them to your friends, all with a tap.

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Hey everyone! We're a team of recent college grads that got fed up with the constant stream of crappy content in our social feeds. Scrolling through your newsfeed can feel like drinking from a firehose. We wanted to get back to basics and focus on the best content that our close friends were reading. Not our facebook friends, but our actual friends. So we built Stashe β€” an easy way to swap good reads with your best friends. Here's how it works: - Save for yourself and send to friends, all with a tap in your browser - Things saved for you appear right in your reading list - See the links saved between you and your friends (without going through all your texts) - Have trouble getting back to your reading list? We'll help remind you Our hope is that Stashe is a simple, fun, and lightweight way to share with friends. It's still very early so we would love to hear your feedback πŸ™πŸΎ Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll check us out!
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love the logo :)
The service doesn't work unless I allow contacts access. But there is zero chance I'm allowing that to happen. Are there any plans to make the service functional without contacts? Or even letting me manually enter contacts?