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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2018

🔍🔥Search for breakout opportunities.

Our algorithm sifts through startup data to help you identify high potential career opportunities. Search for your favorite industry and find a diamond in the rough.

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Hi PH Family! 👋 Today we’re launching StartupSift - a search engine that uses startup employee, funding, location, and "growth" data to help you find startups that are ideal places for YOU to work. We think that too many employment decisions are based on monkey-see monkey-do. People should pick startups as opportunities to maximize their own growth and impact— hopefully this helps people think for themselves. If you're looking for that next *big* opportunity, relevant underrated companies, or startups to support; this is for you! 😀 Read "the thesis" to get a feel fo why we think this is so important - As always, thanks for the support :)
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@aranibatta Hi there. Congrats on launch! I searched for Detroit and only found 2 startups. One doesn't exist anymore. I can only imagine that other cities/companies are missing. Still building out data set or...? Anyway, cheap plug for the fact that we're hiring. In Detroit. Best,
@stephen_parker1 Hey Stephen, thanks for the heads up! Mind filling out the feedback form on the site so we can add Waymark to the queue
YO PH, as @aranibatta mentioned, we're excited to release StartupSift 1.0 to the world today. I hope you enjoy sifting through what we (and the data) believe to be some of the most exciting companies in the world. I jotted down some more thoughts about the project here: As always, thanks for the support and best of luck searching! --- Interesting aside: - We are all college students - We are a remote team
Great team and product! Congrats on the launch!!
@bouazizalex THANKS ALEX! Appreciate it :)
Interesting, congrats on the launch! Would be great to see more European early-stage startups on the site. What sources do you collect the data from? Can you share anything on how you evaluate those companies as high potentials?
@emilkabisch Hi Emil. Thanks for the kind words! A lot of the preselection for the 1500+ companies in the system was based off of American investment history. There wasn't enough density in European investment behavior to make the educated modeling we did for the States. You'll note that most of the significant later stage European companies show up, though we'll definitely try and apply similar principles to early European companies next!
Super cool, found a few under the radar startups that I hadn't heard of. Definitely a helpful tool for many ambitious students unsure where to start - nice job team!
@spenciefy Thanks Spencer!! Appreciate the support