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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2015
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For a first timer; hard to get what that's really about. Too many numbers that probably doesn't really mean anything. Hard to grasp value prop. Almost no funnel or action point. Could be helpful to see a "Start here" or use cases on main page.
Interesting. A single team that developed a launch platform for startups consisting of different services that have either been built or acquired. Launchrock (Landing page / one-page site builder to reach customers ) KillerStartups (a startup discovery website / blog ) Fundable (crowdfunding site) Clarity (Mentor access) BizPlan (Business plan builder / help) I have to give it to the team. Hope to learn more this week.
Dan's a great guy and we're really big fans of Clarity. We think there are lots of opportunities to bring startups more and more services. I'd be interested in any feedback from folks who think there are some interesting services out there that would help round out our offer.
@wilschroter Congratulations! This is very helpful for startups, getting all the great services under one umbrella. I believe one of the greatest challenges these days for startups is building a great team, if you get a service which is easy to discover and build a talented team I think will add lot of value and compliment other services offered by
Hey @wilschroter! I think could be another interesting service. They offer a marketplace for live video business advice, solid product but not that well known (yet). @rutgerteunissen is the founder!
I have watched Clarity evolving and how Dan talks about his passion for relationship building and guiding young entrepreneurs. As Dan says, both of you share the same vision and hence the Clarity customers can only gain from I am looking forward to Dan's QA webinar on 05-Feb.
Wow surprise exit from Dan Martell.
@blendahtom why surprising?