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2-minute videos with experts about building your startup

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Hi Hunters, I’m the project manager of Silicon Valley Forum and we are very excited to announce our new initiative the Startupedia™ - building on our mission to help and support entrepreneurs’ journey from start to exit. The Startupedia™ is an interactive learning platform for entrepreneurs looking to build their knowledge and learn about building a successful startup. Startupedia™ consists of 2-minute videos that answer key startup questions, featuring expert advice from top Silicon Valley CEOs, founders, investors, and executives. The Startupedia™ consist of 8 themes; Startup Basics, Funding, Legal, Team, Product, Finance & Operations, Marketing & Sales and Growth. To date we have more than 100 videos produced and will be adding new videos to the platform every week. To access the content under Startupedia you must sign up as a user with your email. It’s free to sign up and only require one simple step. Are there specific question you want answered in Startupedia? Do you wish to hear advice from a specific entrepreneur or from a particular company? We would love to hear your feedback. Post here in Product Hunt or fill out this form with the specific questions, entrepreneurs or executives you want us to interview: Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!