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#5 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2016
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@rueter haha, love it !
No intro message? :)
@savchukmark I could be wrong but it's still early on the west coast and some people either may not know they got hunted or they don't have commenting privileges yet.
I searched in Boston, which has 30+ coworking spaces (, and it showed me results in New York and in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Africa. Room for improvement. =)
@jayneely Looks like they don't serve Boston at the moment - just the countries on the home page. But still an interesting concept
@theodora_kapsali @jayneely Startupbnb does actually serve in Boston. The companies you dont see there are the companies that have not listed with them yet.
This isn't very useful, as there are waaaaayyy more co-living and co-working spaces than are listed.
@ninjinka I agree. Its up to those co living and co working spaces to list with Startupbnb. Its a free platform. Plus, it allows individual members of the startup community to list with them as well.
@drqasimnaqvi All of the major ones should automatically be listed by StartupBnB without them having to list themselves, because they won't. Once the big players are listed, then the little ones will come.
You can not only find co-working spaces or co-living spaces, you can now also list your own unused space as a co-working space or co-living space to members of the community. Meet like-minded individuals, build products, and grow.