Alex Blumberg's (Planet Money/NPR) new startup podcast.

#2 Product of the WeekSeptember 09, 2014

StartUp is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life. The show has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its launch in 2014.

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Hi everyone. Matt from StartUp here (cofounder of @abexlumberg). We're excited to have you listening. We really are building this company in real time, and documenting it as we go. We would love to hear what you think of the show. There's a new episode coming next week. Subscribe on iTunes (or your favorite podcast app) to get it: Speaking of which, what is the preferred podcast app around here?
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@mlieber Congrats on the launch, Matt! Big fan of Alex's work and am looking forward to checking out StartUp. I'm an iTunes guy. I usually download podcasts onto my iPad nano and listen during runs and bike rides.
@mlieber I'm a Downcast user myself, although been thinking a lot about what @mazzeo mentions in Eps 2. If I had to guess, I think the key to unlocking a whole new set of podcast listeners would be to offer some type of functionality that makes podcasts more easily skimmable. So much good content is buried in 1-2 hour long episodes. Making the best snippets/highlights accessible would enable more people to listen to more shows.
@kaz I agree. I've seen some products out there in beta which attempt to do this. We are targeting 20-40 minute episodes because that's the length of a typical commute or a workout. But we also want to experiment with shorter stuff as well.
@mlieber Like @kaz I was thinking shorter... I'm not thinking, what if there was something like Circa for podcasts? I'm not sure how it would fully work--I'm just riffing here.
@mlieber some shows, like yours, are totally worth the full 20-40 minute listen....and as long as a show is interesting I'm fine listening for 60-90+ mins. Just so much other good content going undiscovered/consumed because it's lost in rambling :) Which products in beta are you keeping an eye on?
There was a segment about this podcast with Chris Sacca on the most recent This American Life.
@philipithomas Love This American Life and Radiolab.
aw man, was just about to post this! really enjoying the show so far...first 2 episodes have been great.
Oh great! I'm always on the lookout for something to listen to between the Prodcast (my affectionate name for the PH Podcast).
I'll add this to my rotation. Here are a few long-time favorite podcasts of mine, previously shared in the Overcast thread a few months ago: This Week in Startups with @jason (here's my interview from a few weeks ago) - This Week in Tech with @leolaporte - This Week in Google with @leolaporte, @ginatrapani, and @jeffjarvis - Freakonomics
@rrhoover Have you listened to the @a16z podcast? The sound quality is terrible, but the conversations are intelligent and fast moving.
@mlieber yes, I have! That's a new addition to my playlist. I actually recorded an episode with @nireyal a few weeks ago that should be published soon.
@rrhoover Cool, will definitely subscribe.