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This is great. I usually go on YouTube and have to search for such videos. Now that buildily has a curated list, it'll save a lot of time. Is there a paid tier for this? Would you also be doing this for podcasts?
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@siddharth_mungekar1 Hi Siddharth Thank you for the great feedback, this is free as a we want everyone to access and there is not a paid tier, I personally had the same problem on trying to search for the best startup videos on youtube and we really wanted a place to make to make it easier, we will be adding now videos regularly and will have a section where you can vote for videos on particular topics to be added. Podcast is a great idea and if the community think so we will look to put a podcast list together.
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@siddharth_mungekar1 We just hacked together Startup Podcasts, you can now discover some of the great podcasts on all things startup and funding
@elemi_atigolo this is just great. You're an awesome founder!
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Good alternative for youtube, which make you spend a lot of time looking for materials that you need.
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Awesome! Thank you kindly in advance to the team for this fantastic learning experience. Hope that will grow as well as a project. Questions: Do you would like to sell e-learning courses shortly?
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@tambluca Hi Luca , Thanks for the comments we originally had a online programme where we worked with a small number of entrepreneurs in the UK as part of our accelerator, however we were only able to work with a small number and so from feedabck we created the academy as a resource for all startups and entrepreneurs, free for anyone to access. We do provide a one to one (advice accelerator) programme similar to a consultancy style office hours. On the Academy we have one mini e-learning course on crowdfunding but all the other material and classes are free and hand -curated as a resource. We would look at a full e-learning platform offering to the community. The main thing is getting the feedback so that we can build the right tools or service.
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@elemi_atigolo That is great! I'll share Buildily on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Despite that, I'll start to follow your project as a big fan! Congrats again for your incredible job, really love the UX!
@tambluca Hi Luca, Thank you for the support and feedback. Thank you
Awesome product!! I can definitely see myself using it as an alternative to YouTube when consuming certain content. Great Job Elemi!
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@whit_anderson Hi Whit Thank you for the positive comments.
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Awesome, save my time on searching video! Congrats
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@teddd Thanks Ted for the comments