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Ship custom shirts to fans & leads without holding inventory



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Founder here, would love to talk tshirts and answer any questions you have about the service!

We built this because after speaking with tons of companies, we realized they wanted to create a strategy behind their promotional items (tshirts, hoodies and jackets mostly). They needed a way to effectively manage their inventory instead of having a box of shirts in the office or having to lug boxes through airport security when heading to an event.

Startup Threads was created to help companies ship their custom apparel wherever they would like, whether its tshirts to every new paid customer, a gift to a new lead that has gone cold, or a hoodie to a new employee. We hold items in inventory for you so you get the cost savings of buying in bulk with the flexibility to ship on demand. There are dashboard, giveaway, and API tools help you in the distribution process.

Hope its helpful to some of you!
Roland Ligtenberg — Co-founder, HouseCall
@FrankDenbow Great product, great founder, awesome quality!
Cecilia Stallsmith — Platform @ SlackHQ
Jeremy Cai — founder @OnboardIQ early @Shyp
@FrankDenbow What are your thoughts on how this compares to Scalable Press (
@jjeremycai Great question. We see ourselves as a marketing tool vs a way to print tshirts. The giveaway system (you can give an item to a customer without having to know their size or address) & dashboard (for creating packages to be sent to various locations / clients) are both pieces we built for marketers who want to use merchandise to market themselves and spread their brand. We are hands on in the design process as well since not every company knows what designs will work for their audience (we have seen hundreds).

We warehouse items in inventory, so you get the cost savings of buying in bulk, along with the shipping flexibility.

Lastly we stick to screen printing only since we believe it provides the best quality.
Zac Davies  — Pin Payments
@FrankDenbow kinda wish I could browse all the shirts people offer from you. I'm the kinda nerd who would consider buying a Foursquare or etc tee :)
@ZacDavies We actually used to have a subscription so you could get them. I am the same way! May revive it in the future
James Avery — CEO, Adzerk
Been using startup threads for years - highly recommended.
@averyj Old school customer! Thanks James, send me over that team pic when you get a chance
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