StartUp Season 3, #2: Gaming The System

It takes 2 percent to make a thing go right

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"What do my skills as an entrepreneur translate into ... a carnival host?"
I had goosebumps when she revealed the name of the company. This season is going to be awesome!
Love the Klaus cameo Notes: At the end of the last episode, co-founders Justin, Emmett, Michael, and Kyle had a big problem on their hands. Streaming Justin’s life 24/7—the very idea their company was founded on—turned out to be kind of boring. Pretty soon people stopped watching. In this episode, the four friends try desperately to extend the life of their company by making some risky but important decisions. In the process, their scrappy startup catches the eye of some very powerful people who challenge everything they’ve built. The road of a startup is a bumpy one and, as Justin and his team are finding out, they have only just gotten started.
Love this podcast, and this season is already shaping up to be the best yet!
This podcast is really good!! Never thought Twitch had this kind of hurdles!! It's inspirational!!