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Maxime Pico
@maximepico · MD @ Startup42 accelerator
Always a pleasure to try what you guys build! A few things I didn't understand while exploring the app: - it wasn't obvious where to find the "starred" items at first — though it's true I eventually found it... - I almost thought the two or three first cards were identical because they had the same title and the same first words - it was weird when the texted referred to something on the next cards because it wasn't obvious the cards were into a series One way to fix the two last points at once is to have numbers at the end of the title to show that they are part of a series. Like "title A (1/2)" and the next card is "title A (2/2)" Voilà ! Can't wait to read what's next, Maxime PS: did you think of "partnering" with a website that summarises books, like in France for instance?
Yassine el Kachchani
@kachchani · Co-founder & CEO at
@maximepico we are always excited about your feedback. On point and very helpful. Duly noted (straight to our Trello backlog). Partnerships are more than welcome, in fact this is an open invitation to the community: if you guys are having something in mind around Startup Patterns would love to hear it (reachable at Any favorite authors Maxime? we are trying this time to dig deep and mix-up famous gurus with less known experienced founders, would love to get some suggestions.
Tarik Kurspahic
@tariktech · CTO,
@maximepico Agree on the cards in a series - took me a sec as well. The other thing that feels a bit weird is when you are on card 3/3 for example, sharing would be odd as others don't have the context of the previous cards that you have. Not quite sure what you could do about that immediately...