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Hicham Amine
@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
Hello PH community, My name is Hicham, and I’m one of the makers of Startup Patterns. We created Startup Patterns to provide all startup founders with a collection of curated and practical lessons from the best books, blogs and talks. Our vision is to build the biggest go-to library of bite-sized knowledge about all the themes involved in the journey of building and growing startups, as we believe founders today not only need easier access to knowledge but also faster learning process to spend more time on the execution and getting things done. Some of the featured authors that inspire our lessons are @paulg, @sgblank, @fredwilson and many more. Soon enough, we envision to make it an open platform to put the spotlight on the lessons and the stories of experienced founders to help early-stage founders get on the track and benefit from the typical setbacks and hacks people usually come across in the process of building and growing startups. (So, if you’re an experienced founder, check out our landing page and share with us your experience - You might be among the first featured founders ! ) That’s it! Truly appreciate if you guys can share with us your thoughts and suggestions.
Nitesh Mishra
@niteshmishra_ · Configure.IT - App Development Platform
@hicham Is it available for Android?
Hicham Amine
@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@niteshmishra_ Hello, for now we are only available on iOS, but we surely plan to launch on Android as one of our goals in the near future.
Sam Rizzi
@rizzisam · PM/Co-Founder @Crid_io
@hicham_amine when I share a card on TWitter it does incl any text with ur app handle or some text from the card. It's just blank. I guess it will help u get more traction if u guys fix this. Reach out to me on Twitter if u need more details @rizzisam
Zakaria Braksa
@nsbraksa ·
@rizzisam @hicham_amine I totally agree! that's definitely something that we were planning to address through the upcoming app updates (among other things). But your feedback surely will give it a bump in terms of priority!
@hicham_amine @paulg @sgblank @fredwilson This being a native app is an overkill, a web app would have have been sufficient.
Hicham Amine
@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@icyflame @paulg @sgblank @fredwilson Hey! Thans for the feedback. It surely is! But a native app allows the user the control the learning experience by choosing when to receive his little pills of knowledge and also provides the experience of learning in a Tinder-like swipe, which apparently, lot of users liked. Why do you think a web app would have been sufficient especially when there are lot of blogs and newsletters out there about Startup knowledge?
@hicham_amine @paulg @sgblank @fredwilson Why no web version, what's the reason for this being an app and no android version? (not complaining)