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Thanks for including 2 of my Medium posts - I'm not sure though if repurposing (copy pasting) content from other people and putting it in a book is the right way to go, since it's an interactive pdf --> summarizing and linking to the original content would be better?
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@bramk First of all, thank you for publishing amazing content and curating an amazing website with StartupStash. We are absolutely sorry if we did something wrong. We tried our best to give credit where it is due, by including a single page in every article dedicated to authors and how to contact them. If you feel we didn't do as best as we could, we can retract your articles our work on a better solution to make both authors and readers happy.
@bramk Reproducing other people's work without permission is called copyright infringement, even if you are giving it away for free. It is obvious you are gaining financial value by doing this, since you are asking people to opt-in to download the "book". This should be removed.
If you have any improvement suggestions please send them and build Startup Manual v2.0 together
Is the PDF the only version availabe? It would be nice to have a version on GitBook or something like that.
@jacoplane Thank you for your feedback, we will definitely add different options ASAP with also including a Table of Contents.
Thank you @hedonistimtrak and @mertcanelkaya . Will be able to give any suggestions or feedback after reading it :)
@niteshmanav We are curiously waiting for your suggestions and feedback.
Well done, seems very useful ! Good job :)