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When I first got into tech, I remember my friend saying, "Make sure you read all of Paul Graham's essays." This little app sort of follows that thought. It's a place where you can read essential articles from respected folks like Jason Fried, Derek Sivers, Brad Feld, Mark Suster, Sam Altman, Fred Wilson etc. It's an attempt to unearth those classic pieces. Big thanks to the following for making great suggestions: @ahmetsulek, @kylebragger, @vadimshpakovski, @imcatnoone, @sleinadsanoj, @jasonfried, @sivers, @bfeld, @justinkan, @noahkagan, @randfish and @hnshah. BTW - feel free to suggest articles that should be included. It's a growing list, this is just the start. You can suggest right here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...
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@williamchanner Thanks for the shout, dude! Appreciate it.
@williamchanner how to the suggest links?
@williamchanner thanks for this! There's definitely a lot I need to catch up on. Love the beautiful, simple UI. Might want to include a tag back to @usepanda when you share in the list and a nice share image for Facebook?
@imcatnoone Your feedback really helped Cat! So thank you!
Very helpful! Thank @williamchanner
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Hope everybody learns something from the amazing selection of content @williamchanner put together, also HUGE props to @twnsndco for the sleek design and serial attention to detail, kickass team!
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And with my vote - welcome to the 1,000 up-vote club! Thank you for a really cool product!
@williamchanner @dannyfiorentini BRAVO People....BRAVO!!!!!
Nice Work! @williamchanner. It was much needed for all the new startups!
@divjpatel Yes. Agreed :)