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Startup ideas is small website offering daily startup ideas. If you're stuck on what to build or make, find inspiration and collaborators here.

I'm updating, evaluating, editing, and combining all the best, most likely ideas into one ebook, you can view:

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Alexander Ayasca E.
Anastasi Bakolias
Andrey Kovalev
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  • Pros: 

    Useful for those who really wanna find something interesting



    - Commenting on ideas

    - Bookmark Ideas

    - Voting

    - Search or Filter

    - Not working Icons

    - Not working load more ideas

    Hi There.

    I really like the ideas, and I believe being more polished this website can have a success.

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  • Vishnuᅟ ᅠ
    Vishnuᅟ ᅠEngineer,Developer,Traveller

    Clean UI


    Data sourced from

    The site sources its majority of its ideas from

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  • Mick
    MickFounder of SongBox.Rocks

    It’s funny.


    People should be allowed to rate or comment on ideas.

    Some of the ideas are completely insane. The site would provide more value to the user if the ideas were curated by the community.

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  • Young Startup Club
    Young Startup ClubCo-founder,

    Good idea, good UI


    need more discussion.

    Need some feature.

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