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The calculator you need if you’re raising money.

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2019
Startup financing calculations are extraordinarily complicated. This tool is here to help you understand what actually happens.
📊 Ownership – who owns what
🎓 Scenario Modeling – convertible notes (SAFE, KISS), option pools...
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Hi Hunters, We are really excited to show you this calculator! I'm Spela from Ledgy – a Cap Table management tool – and our company mission is to support startups as much as we can. We're trying to bring legal and financial terms closer to startups and help you see real-world consequences of your term sheets. That's why we created the Startup Fundraising Calculator. It allows you to: ✔️ See who owns what ✔️ Look more professional during term sheet negotiations ✔️ Understand common fundraising terms ✔️ Double-check your existing spreadsheet model ✔️ Model your company's cap table through multiple funding rounds ✔️ Compare dilution results when adding convertible loans (SAFE, KISS..) and employee pools ...and much more. This calculator is here to assist you in term sheet negotiations, fundraising planning, double-checking or just as a quick learning exercise. Please let us know how we're doing, we would really appreciate feedback on how to make the tool even better for you! UPDATE: Over 500 fundraising scenarios have been created already! 👏
First-time founders especially from a non-financial background often struggle to understand and set up Excel calculations of convertible loans and employee option pools during their upcoming funding rounds. This is why we created the Startup Fundraising Calculator, to quickly set up and compare scenarios as well as share them with advisors.
A great tool by Swiss startup Ledgy! And a way to accelerate the time spent in capitalization table calculations... which often leads to mistakes, especially when you are a first time entrepreneur, you're spending too much time on this! Definitely loving it!
Thank you for your feedback @sebastienflury ! And you're absolutely right about the cap table calculations 🙌
Well done! Much better than the overly complex excel sheets that usually are passed around during fundraising.
Thank you @luzius that's great to hear!
Nice, I think it has the potential to become the standard for quickly comparing scenarios and cross-checking spreadsheet calculations.