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Great content! I've been looking for a resource like this to add to the knowledge base. Thanks for sharing.
Hey guys, I saw how well the Google Ventures Library was received the other day so I wanted to share Startup{ery, a similar project that I launched late last year. Rather than creating original content, Startup{ery curates content created by others and organizes them by very specific topics. It makes it very easy to find multiple pieces of content on very specific issues, such as a term in a term sheet or cold emailing tips. Hope you find it useful!
@GeoffreyWeg This is great! What's up with the bracket, though? Hard to read
@davehariri Thanks, David! Ha, I feel you. Decided to include it to make the brand a bit more unique.
@andreasklinger Nice! Another great resource. I considered a Wiki format.
@GeoffreyWeg your format is by far more impressive tbh
@andreasklinger Thank you, Andreas! People process this kind of information in so many different ways. Personally, I like to see context, the big picture and a drill-down of very specific topics, which is what I tried to show with Startup{ery. For other approaches, check out: - Starutp Edition by @rrhoover - The Grove by @Sequoia_Capital - Startup Management by @wmougayar
I love this format.
@guygal Thanks, Guy!
@GeoffreyWeg I was browsing it when I first started chatting with you a few weeks ago. A great collection of resources. I'm going to be interested in your products page as I tend to want to compare various similar types of services looking for the one that fits our needs. I'm sure there are some, but always room for more. (And better done.)
@SacBookReviewer Thanks Ross! Appreciate your support.