Comments on “#Startup Chat
Mark Surfas@surfy · Chief Product Instigator
"accelerate the procedure". Looking at this as a product, I'm totally confused by the idea that you "apply" for membership, and you can "fast track" by donating $10. Why not just charge $10 for everyone, period? Or don't charge anything. Or charge it monthly if you want to make it self sustaining. but $10? I found the whole concept so distracting I de… See more
Leon Pals@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
@surfy we've experimented with it (and still are). To make sure the peers in the community are committed, we have to screen them some way. We could just ask for an email address and google everyone which would take ages with the hundreds of applications we get, but it also wouldn't show us how committed someone is to contribute. The way it is right now is… See more
Mark Surfas@surfy · Chief Product Instigator
@leonpals I got you. Thanks for the reply. :)