Build great marketing campaigns with proper due diligence

Starterade is an all-in-one marketing planning tool that helps startups, freelancers, agencies, and businesses with in-house marketing teams plan marketing activities with proper due diligence.

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JenniferMaker@jen_yeg · Co-founder
Hello, Product Hunt community, Starterade is simple to use, increases productivity and team alignment. We utilize the 5Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) in a unique way with pre-built templates that walks you through the steps in defining your audience and planning a marketing campaign. Just start at Who and work your way to How. Fully customizable side bar so you can remove sections that are not applicable to you. Once you create a team (business name or create a team name) all the sections open up! Our system stores all collaborative data so that it is readily available to optimize campaigns, onboard new employees or expanding the team. We are in beta and working on more visual features, integrations, and some more updates so stay tuned. Sign up for a free credit card required. Would love to hear your feedback!
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@jen_yeg You can target recently funded companies for your outbound sales.
JenniferMaker@jen_yeg · Co-founder
@shreyaa_ratra great idea!