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#4 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2019
Itching to launch your amazing start-up idea but need a co-founder to help you get there? Startbee is here to help you find your future co-founder. Join our free community of co-founders today and start your search!
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Neat concept - think a good addition is to help startups find founding *team* members (folks who want to get involved early, can't leave their jobs <> founders who haven't raised capital yet but need more hands on deck). I think there's a generally bigger market for this.
@niyogi Great suggestion and one of the features we're also exploring in our roadmap.
This is awesome! Already signed up and started searching for cofounders, hope it works out :) Should be especially good for goofs like me that their own ideas.
@craig_weebler Thanks Craig! The world needs goofs with ideas, we're just happy to provide them with a platform for it ;)
good concept !
love this idea.
@sharfunnisa_quadri Thanks Sharfunnisa!
Very cool concept, already signed up. Are you looking to expand to other type of lifestyle businesses not necessarily "start ups"? (i.e. Looking to start a marketing agency in x place).